Thursday, June 2, 2011

Study the Food Abroad

I arrived safely back on US soil yesterday, or was it the day before, with a recharged English accent and a renewed love of British food. During my two weeks in the UK I sampled such delights as black pudding, haggis, steak and kidney pie and several examples of the remarkable array of British sweets (candies) that are available everywhere. The British eat more candies per person than any other nation on Earth so the choice is not only immense but regionally defined too.

British food is one of the most maligned products in the world. I have never thought it 'bland' although I can now understand how the US palate might find it so with it's need for spiced or highly seasoned food. So, when in the UK make sure that you get over any preconceived ideas you may have about the native food and at least sample something of everything.

One way that eating out in the UK has changed in recent years is the amazing increase on the variety and diversity of restaurants. In the late 60's the British fish and chip shop was joined by Chinese take-aways or 'carry-outs' as they are called. Indian cuisine was the next to become really popular while now you can sample the delights of many different nations on just about any high street of a decent sized town.

I still think, however, that you can't beat a good British pie or sausage when it comes to real taste and goodness. The pics above were taken in Cranston's a really good butcher's shop in Penrith in the north of England.

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