Saturday, June 4, 2011

An IPAD2 4 Me 2

Next week I'll be taking part in my third TWTW; that's a Teaching With Technology Workshop offered by the IT department at St. Mike's every summer. As an incentive to take part (not that we really need one) participating faculty members get a techno gadget of some sort such as a digital camera or flipcam. This year, the eight of us taking part are getting IPAD2s.

The technical support at St. Mikes for faculty is quite remarkable given the size of the college and the constant need to keeep up by updating. Last week I got my brand new HP laptop complete with large monitor and all sorts of exciting software that I'm going to have to learn how to use this summer. The most important one will be coming to terms with the new Microsoft Expressions web-creating program which replaces the Frontpage program I have been using for the past ten years. I do a lot of web-page construction on the Department Pages so I'm going to have to get up to speed quickly.

The IPAD2 is going to be something else all together. I've not really embraced mobile technology to the extent that the younger generation has; I can't even text and rarely use my cell phone. But, I have a fairly clear summer so my goal is to really learn how to use the IPAD2 as an instructional tool in my classes. I'm particularly interested in its use with children with special needs as I think the simplicity of operation will have a profound effect upon how effectively children with special needs can learn specific skills. My son Andrew will be using one as part of his High School experience next year so I'll be able to practice with him.

My recent experience in the UK is beginning to fade into the past especially with the 80 degree wall-to-wall blue skies we have today.

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