Monday, June 27, 2011

Incredible Vermont

My son Andrew and I went for a ferry ride across lake Champlain and back today and I can't think of many better things to do on a hot, cloudless summer day in Vermont. We took the Charlotte ferry across to NY State then drove north through Ausable Falls to Plattsburg where we caught the Grand Isle ferry back to Vermont. It's a round trip of about 4 hours and the views of the Adirondaks going and the Green Mountains on the way back are breathtaking. We had planned to take the long Burlington ferry back to Vermont but it still wasn't running because of the high lake water. The zephyr breeze on the top deck of the ferry was amazing.

I always think it's a shame we don't have a full summer semester because Vermont and St. Mike's really do shine in the summer. Everything looks so green, lush and tidy and there is so much to do. Later this week, we are planning a visit to VINS where there are all kinds of nature trails to walk and exhibits to see. This will make a nice change from our annual trip to ECHO although we might go there as well later in the summer.

A little bit further afield is the incredible Montshire Science Museum in Norwich, New Hampshire. This is not like your average museum where you get to look at things. The Montshire is an interactive museum where you can interact with all kinds of scientific phenomena, watch bees making honey and ants making an entire city.

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