Monday, June 20, 2011

New Teaching Gardens Website

Some exciting news today; the Teaching Gardens at St. Michael's College has a new website. It really is a great new resource for SMC students as well as teachers in all grades, in all schools, anywhere in the world. You can now 'meet the trees' and visit a list of activities for teaching children about trees. You can find out which books are connected to which plants on the Books in Bloom page and find out about the wonderful SMC First Year Seminar course, FY193; Digging Down to the Roots; The Meaning of Gardens, offered by professors Valerie Bang-Jensen and Mark Lubkowitz, the driving forces behind the Teaching Gardens. There's even a list of all the words in the Word Garden.

Not that I'm counting but my last post seems to have been my 100th since I started blogging last September. I always find it remarkable how our culture and lives are so interlaced with our number system. Why is 100 such as significant number? It's amazing how often it occurs; normal human temperature is just under 100 at 98.6 (or 98.4 if you live in Europe); basketball teams score around 100 points; weekend golfers score around 100; we use 100 points in most of our grading systems; 100 years is a century; 100 pennies equal a dollar (or a pound): 100 degrees Celsius is boiling; an American football field is 100 yards long, and so on.

Finally, here's a wonderful Father's day card my son Andrew made for me in his HS photography class. He had to edit four different pictures to make this one.

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