Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TW got in to TWTW

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned submitting a proposal to be accepted into TWTW, the Teaching With Technology Workshop this summer at St. Mike's. Every year the IT Department offers a week-long workshop for faculty wishing to improve their teaching with technology skills. Well I (that's me, TW) managed to get accepted amid fairly stiff competition. It was particularly competitive this year because the freebie for participants is a new IPAD2.

My proposal focused on the use of the IPAD2 with students with special needs. There are a host of Apps designed to help children with a variety of disabilities learn to read, write and a host of other skills as well as with their conceptual development. My plan is to use the IPAD2 with my son Andrew over the summer and then incorporate its use into my courses in the Fall. Many schools are now investing in ITouch technology rather than traditional laptops and PCs because of the greater flexibility it offers when the need to differentiate instruction arises.

The picture is of an elementary school classroom in a village school at the Beamish Museum in the UK. The museum is 'a living museum' very similar to the Shelburne Museum in Vermont but a lot more extensive. During the summer the school classroom, from the early 1900s is actually filled with children and a school ma'am all in period dress. There's a coalmine you can go into and old trams and trains you can ride on. There are also shops where you can buy things such as sweets (candies) from the 1900s. I wonder if our classrooms will have changed as much in the next 100 years!

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