Friday, May 13, 2011

St. Michael's College Campus Glows

It's always amazing how the transformation in the St. Michael's College campus coincides with Commencement weekend. One minute the trees are bare, the gardens are patches of barren earth and the sidewalks are edged with mud. Then, as if by magic, there are gold and purple tulips everywhere, the trees suddenly provide enough shade from the warm Spring sun and new grass is sprouting everywhere along the edges of the sidewalks.

The turn of the seasons is, of course, mainly due to Mother Nature's eternal efforts at renewal but she does need help from time to time. This is where the remarkable St. Michael's College groundsmen spring into action. Just like every other human aspect of St. Mike's, the people who keep the campus glowing are a remarkably dedicated and talented group.

I always think the Spring with its attendant budding and blossoming is the ideal time for students to graduate and take the reins of their lives. For the past 21 years many people have been helping them grow their wings. Parents, grandparents, siblings teachers, friends and professors have all played a role as models, guides and mentors, Now it's time for the new graduates to spread their wings and make a difference in the world. These are uncertain times to be entering the workforce but St. Michael's has equipped them well so that they stand the best chance of success as possible.

My advice to all the graduating seniors is this. Remember, you may be leaving St. Mike's but St. Mike's will never leave you. Stay in touch and visit when you can.

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