Monday, May 16, 2011

My 25th Graduation Ceremony

Today I attended my 25th Graduation ceremony; my 6th at St.Mike's. Once again it was a wonderful experience full of the pomp and circumstance one expects, but this year there was something special. From the words of the student speaker as well as several other introductions one got the feeling that this was a very special class, the class of 2011. Several speakers spoke of the sense of unity between all the graduating seniors, the sense of bonding that has taken place during the past four years between members of this class. Whether it is because they have been more active socially through MOVE and the many service learning opportunities they have I don't know but it's just a good feeling to know that they really do care about each other; they really are friends.

I'm off to the UK tomorrow to visit family and friends for a short time. Pete and Jean, the lifelong friends I stay with in Appleby in Westmorland, are two people I met when I was an undergraduate at College in Bristol. When we meet at Manchester airport on Wednesday morning it will be like we hadn't seen each other since yesterday, as opposed to the two years it's been. Most of my FB friends are old college pals now scattered around the world.

Friendships forged at College seem to be the most firm and lasting; probably because for many of us, College was the best time of our lives.

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