Thursday, November 4, 2010

Such a neat thing happened today in my Teaching Math and Science class. Sometimes in teaching things just converge in the neatest way. The topic of the class was how to teach measurement skills. I set the class up so that students complete a whole variety of activities on how to teach time, distance, weight, volume and capacity, angles, and area. We also look at some of the on-line interactive activities you can use to teach measurement skills such as this neat activity for teaching angles.

Anyway, about half an hour before class was due to start I visited the BBC website to see what's going on and there was this incredible video of a group of students demonstrating how they could make Big Ben chime 13 times at midnight. So after we had discussed the reading for the week I showed it to the class on the SMARTboard. It is such a neat demonstration of math and science at work in real life and how a true understanding of something can lead to such neat activities.

There are so many neat things on the web that we can use to help us make sense of the math we teach and learn. Here are a bunch more interactive activities that are both fun and instructive.

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