Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Great Educators

I've been reading my students' Great Educators papers this week and for the most part they are really good. The task was for the students to research the primary theories of each of the nine educators in either elementary or secondary education using the webpage we created and then describe what they thought their teacher licensure program would look like.

This is the first time I've taught this course so the first time I had made this assignment so I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I think it really worked well judging by the quality of the papers. Now the students will have an initial awareness and knowledge of these theories that will be expanded upon in subsequent courses over the next two and half years.

I've learned a great deal too because I was quite unfamiliar with many of these theories especially those in the field of secondary education.

The image is of Nell Noddings who is a world reknowned writer and theorist in the ethics of caring in education. Her work brings to our program a sense of caring about our students' welfare as well as our students' concern for the welfare of the children they will be working with.
Noddings recently made a presentation on the SMC campus as a guest of Aostre Johnson, a member of the Education Department faculty.

Through their public school classroom experiences our students come into contact with many children and families who are significantly less fortunate than they are. As future teachers, it is really important that they show they care about the students they will be teaching.

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