Monday, November 22, 2010

NeighborKeeper Math Mentoring

This evening I'll be giving the second in a series of three workshops for a group of volunteer math mentors who will be mentoring children of immigrant families in Winooski, Vermont.
Designed to help children in grades K - 3 I introduce the mentors to strategies and ideas for teaching numeracy, place value, addition and subtraction to children, many of whom may have very limited experience of attending formal schools.

The first session last Monday in which I introduced the participants to some basic concepts related to teaching elementary school math, as well as specific issues faced by students from other countries, seemed to go really well. We talked about how different math is in different parts of the world and how important it is for students to understand as well as remember the math they learn.

This week we'll be exploring ideas about how children learn to count as well as how they learn place value and the Base Ten system of counting we use.

After the third session in two weeks the volunteers will meet up with families at the Winooski Community Center where they will help the children and perhaps, their parents, learn all about the math we sue in American classrooms. NeighborKeepers is community support organization developed by Hal Colston based on the national Circles of Support organization

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