Friday, March 27, 2015

Student Teaching; Spreading One's Wings

At this time of the semester my student teachers are completing their solo classroom experience. This means they are teaching their classes of student by themselves without the assistance of their cooperating teacher. For some it is a time to fly; to stretch the new wings they have been growing in their coursework for the past three and half years. One such student is Miranda who has been working with a class of 24 rambunctious third graders. Interestingly, the solo week always coincides with the onset of Spring, a time of great excitement for young children, who for the first time in months, are able to get outside in the warmer weather.

I want to celebrate Midanda's successful solo week by sharing one of her journal entries:

          "I think this experience also reminded me of why I wanted to be a teacher in the first place. Children, I believe, have a nature and energy that is unmatched by adults. They are curious, energetic, thoughtful, and innocent. They are good-natured, enthusiastic, and empathetic. I think that even on my worst days as a teacher, I need to remember why I wanted to become a teacher in the first place. Children are incredible and they are the key to a better future. I believe that part of my job as a teacher is establishing relationships with my students and helping to mold them into thoughtful, respectful citizens of a community. Tonight I was able to share experiences with my students and their parents outside the classroom that will hopefully remain with them as a positive time with their teacher."  

Isn't that a wonderful way to think about the young students she has been working with this semester?

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