Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Harriss; a Fractal for St. Patrick

Here's something you don"t see every day; a new fractal named after the creator, Edmund Harris, a professor of mathematics at the University of Arkansas. It also seems like a very appropriate fractal for St. Patrick's day as it has a certain Celtic feel about it.

As remarkable as it might seem this fractal is based on the Golden Ratio rectangle as explained in this very informative article in the Guardian. You can  see similarities between this fractal and the one created by the squares of the number s in the Fibonacci sequence which, of course, also follows the golden ratio.

The patterns created by fractals are based on numerical  relationships and provide us with an incredible insight into the structure of mathematics and our number system, not to mention the mathematical structure of the natural world. I think this is what the creators of the Common Core state Standards for Mathematics had in mind when they came up  with the wonderful math practice standards, especially numbers 6,7, and 8.

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