Saturday, March 3, 2012

Can I Marry Your Daughter?

A funny thing happened in my grad math class last week. The class meets on Thursday nights and everyone I know knows that's when I'm in class and so they know not to call me on my cell phone. If my cell phone does go during class I have to answer it as it might be an emergency or crisis. So last Thursday, a week ago yesterday, my cell phone went during the second half of class. Thinking it an emergency, I rushed out of class but could get no reception. I returned to teaching only for the phone to go again some five minutes later. This time I raced down the hallway to the only place in the building where I can get reception. I answered the phone to find it was Erik, my daughter Marie's boyfriend. I told him I couldn't talk as I was in the middle of my class and returned to finish the class.

An hour later, when class had finished, I called my wife to make sure everything was OK and she burst out laughing. Apparently, Erik, unaware I had class, was calling me to ask if he could marry my daughter Marie. The request was somewhat urgent as he was planning to propose at the summit of the Sugar Bush ski resort the next day. He's a great guy and, of course, I would have said yes, but just to make sure everything went as planned he asked my wife Lucie if he could marry Marie.  

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