Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Merry Band of Education Knights

The Education Department at St. Michael's College is a wonderful place to work, and study. There's a great spirit of community and cooperation in which each faculty member is committed to the delivery of state of the art courses and programs in the field of teacher education. There are over 100 courses offered through the undergraduate and graduate programs with an average course size of 12 students; no class is larger than 21.

There are 14 full-time faculty each with a teaching and research specialty in a particular area of teaching and education. Professor Mary Beth Doyle, the Department Chair is a leading authority in the field of Special Education. She has just returned from a sabbatical semester in Italy where she studied  special education practices in that country. Also on sabbatical in Italy during the Spring semester last year is professor Jonathan Silverman who is the resident art education specialist. Professor Valerie Bang-Jensen teaches reading and literature education courses and is the driving force behind the Teaching Gardens at SMC. Professor Amy Saks-Pavese is the newest member of the Department and teaches courses in Social Studies education while professor Gehsmann, a reading and language specialist is currently authoring a book on teaching reading. Professor Aostre Johnson is a leading authority on the role of spirituality in education and teaches courses in early childhood and professor Beth Peterson is an expert in the area of teaching children with special needs. I complete the elementary education faculty teaching courses in math and science education.

The secondary education program faculty comprise professor Claudine Bedell, an evaluation specialist, Professor James Nagle who co-directs the CREATE grant for working with students who are English Language Learners, professor Karen Donovan, a special education specialist and professor Becky Wigglesworth who has a special interest in teaching English. Professor Brian O'Regan teaches courses in school law and supervision in the graduate program and  professor Ann Judson, director of the Graduate Education programs, is an expert in the area of IT in education.

Together we have just about every base covered in the world of Education both through the programs offered at SMC as well as outreach programs in the public schools.  

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