Sunday, February 5, 2012

Apps..olutely amazing!

My daughter Marie just arrived fresh off the slopes at Sugarbush, one of the local ski Areas. She skis most Sundays with her boyfriend Erik and seems to have great fun just like I remember having when I last skied,  probably some 20 years ago.  

The snow is still white and cold and the sport still relies pretty heavily on gravity but what has changed is what you can do while you are skiing. Using an app on her cellphone Marie was able to keep a record of just about everything she did during the six runs she made this morning.  The image above is a screen shot from her iPhone which shows the details of her skiing experience this morning.

This image shows the times and locations of some the different runs she made at Sugarbush; she actually has a record of all the runs which include the times, speeds, locations, distances and so on, In addition this app also has a map feature for each of the ski resorts in Vermont (and the entire US), links to their websites, ticket purchasing facilities and information about the conditions at each area (number of lifts open, depth of snow etc.). The entire skiing experience has been mathematically defined; isn't that cool!

I wonder if there's an app for fixing sore knees and providing one with instant fitness. Now that's something that would get me excited. 

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