Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kindergarten Blog

One of the wonderful things about about having my students complete their student teaching experience at the Williston schools is the level of technology used by the teachers and students at the two schools. From their very first days in kindergarten students get to learn how different forms of technology can be used to improve both the quality of education and of life itself.

Jen Canfield, an amazing kindergarten teacher at Allen Brook school, keeps a wonderful blog about life in her kindergarten class. Just imagine what it must be like as a parent of one of Jen's students to be able to see what goes on in your child's classroom from day to day. The picture is of my student teacher, Ali McHenry who is completing her student teaching experience in Jen's classroom this semester.

In the last couple of years of the last century I was employed as the Science Education Professional Development specialist at the two Williston schools, Central and Allen Brook. I loved every minute I was there and it's always a neat experience for me when I return to work with my former colleagues.

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