Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Hurricane and a New Semester

The Spring semester is the time the weather usually affects what happens at St. Mike's. Classes are occasionally canceled for snow storms, typically nor'easters, but this year it looks like the beginning of the Fall semester might coincide with hurricane Irene.

Several events have already been canceled and move-in day has been moved up to Saturday as well as Sunday. Two of my classes also begin on Monday and I'm beginning to wonder if we might be doing other things on Monday.

Forecasting hurricane's this far north is an inexact science but right now it looks as though it is on track to sock most of Vermont Sunday night and Monday morning. Hopefully, it will veer to the nor'east as these things usually do and we'll be spared Irene's wrath.

For those students wanting to learn more about the environment which, of course, includes hurricanes and other natural phenomena, there's a new interdisciplinary Environmental Studies major being offered through several departments this year at St. Mike's. This really is an exciting major which combines such diverse topics as meteorology, the politics of food, environmental ethics, philosophy of science, technology and environment, chemistry, human geography and more. It is the ideal major for elementary education students to combine with their education major. It will really stand out on a teaching job application not to mention the excitement one can foster in young children when speaking knowledgeably about hurricanes in the classroom.

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