Friday, August 12, 2011

An Army of Brooms

I never thought a broom would be seen as a symbol of hope and yet that's exactly what it appears to be in this remarkable photo snapped by Andrew Bayles on his cell phone. Like many ex-Brits I have been concerned by the recent riots in England and have been in touch with family and friends to make sure they're OK.

The British press is full of analyses as to the underlying causes of the events of the past week but the idea of people getting out and clearing things up themselves is characteristic of a nation defined by the "stiff upper lip" and can-do spirit. The England of today is different in many ways from the England I left in 1977 and yet there are elements of the culture that are illustrated by the 'broom army' that date back generations to WWII and beyond. Although I have been an American citizen for over 25 years I still retain my British citizenship and sense of 'Englishness' to a certain degree.

The ASE study abroad program in Bath, England is one of the best run and most popular study abroad programs we have at St. Mike's. It is one of the very few programs designed specifically for Education majors in which students study and learn how to teach in British primary schools. Also, unlike most other programs. students share living facilities with British students as opposed to being housed with other American students.

So, if you are thinking of studying abroad through the ASE program please try not to let the events of the past week affect your decision.

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