Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wait For Me, I'm Your Leader

The topic in my Schools and Society class today was Technology in Education. I shared some of the software that is available for the SMARTBoard such an interactive 100 square and protractor that can be used by K - 6 students in public school classrooms lucky enough to have SMARTboards. The Williston schools where the students have been doing their field placement this semester is one of the most tech-savvy schools in New England so they've had plenty of opportunities to see technology in action.

At least five of their classes have SMARTboards and all the students have email accounts from kindergarten onwards. Seymour Papert, the father of technology in schools was instrumental in setting the school on its path many years ago.,

We also spent time in class discussion a really interesting on-line article that addresses seven different aspects of the use of technology in schools. Each point was supported by research which really helped the students see the the value of it all.

Not that I think I need to convince them. They seem so tech-savvy that I think many of them could do a better job of teaching this particular class session than I do. They seem to just naturally see the useful and beneficial applications of technology as opposed to something that is superimposed on the system. I do my best to keep up with the developments in instructional technology but it's something I have to work at; it's just not a natural disposition for me. I'll be taking, hopefully, a workshop this summer which will introduce me to the wonders of the IPAD2 and the use of instructional APS etc.

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