Sunday, April 17, 2011

Signs of the Times

One of the things about being super aware of the mathematical environment in which we live is that I worry a lot about things I shouldn't. This sign on a railway platform in Durham England worries me a lot every time I see it. I wonder how long the sign makers thought about whether it should be "1,2,3" or "1 - 3" or 1, 2 and 3" when directing travelers to the first 3 platforms. Did someone ever say "How about "1, two, 3"? Maybe it never occurred to them, or the other 5 million people who pass under the sign every year.

The other big math event of the week was my students completing their Math eNotebooks in my Math and Science Ed class. There were some great topics this semester including Hilary's new Bernese Mountain dog puppy-math and Heather and Katie's wedding-math e-notebooks (they both assured me neither are planning to get married soon). All the Math e-Notebooks can be viewed on the Math-Ed Page.

Yesterday I attended the Accepted Students day event at St. Mike's to answer prospective students' (and their parents') questions about the Education programs. One of the differences this year was the number of questions about graduate school opportunities after graduation. There were several students interested in special education which I thought was really interesting especially as they had really thought about why they wanted to pursue that particular field. There were also several students who were still exploring what they wanted to do at College. This is also a really good disposition for an 18-year-old and St. Mike's is a great place to continue this exploration. Now, if we could just get on with Spring and stop all this snowing and blowing, life would be really wonderful.

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