Monday, March 28, 2011

A Mathematical Coincidence

The concert for St. Patrick came and went on March 20 and was a major success. Around 325 people attended the concert and donated the remarkably coincidental sum of $2011 to the Tom Sustic Fund for families of children with cancer. The three guest performers Liz Carroll, Mick Maloney and Billy McComiskey were sensational and kept everyone's feet tapping for over 90 minutes.

In the first half we were treated to the irish dancing of the Beth Anne McFadden Academy of Irish Dance as well ast St. Mike's own Celtic Knights dance group. In between the dancing the Sleeping Knights a cappella group provided a wonderful rendition of an Iish Lullaby. You'll find the Celtic and Sleepless knights and many more student clubs on the Student Organizations page.

Many students worked hard to make this such a successful event and there are so many clubs and activities that are generated and run by students that I often think John Kennedy's famous words could easily be modified into "Ask not what your College can do for you - ask what you can do for your college".

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