Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's March 17 so Happy St. Patrick's day to you one and all. It would also be my mum's birthday had she not passed away in 2005. She'd be 90 today; her name was Pat too.

Sadly St. Patrick's Day coincides with Spring break at St. Mike's but we will be having our 6th annual Concert for St. Patrick on Sunday. More about that on Monday. Tonight, my band, the Highland Weavers will be entertaining a large and festive crowd at the Double Tree Inn; a great place to stay if you are visiting St. Mike's. That's my daughter, Marie, on the keyboard.
My son Andrew sometimes plays a couple of songs with us. Here he is with his new Bodhran, an Irish drum, that he got for Christmas.

We don't have a Music Education major at St.Mikes but you can put a music major with your Elementary Education major as a second major. There are also lots of great music courses offered by Music Department faculty in voice and instrument.

It's great to bring out a guitar of roll out a piano and sing songs with your Elementary School class a couple of times a week when you are teaching.

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