Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Web-pages Temporarily Disappeared!

Part of my job that I really enjoy is creating web-page resources for students and teachers. Instead of watching TV at night I get hours of endless pleasure out of creating web-pages on all sorts of topics that might be of use to SMC students or teachers in public schools. I really like the creativity involved as well as the challenge of finding exactly the right resources that I think will help people when they are creating an instructional unit, trying to find resources for a project or paper or that perfect interactive math or science activity to go with a lesson plan.

This morning, a colleague called to say that the Department Pages, all 250 or so of them, had disappeared off the face of the earth; perhaps the face of the ether would be more appropriate. Instant panic was resolved when I realized the link had been renamed but was still there.

When I select resources to link to I use a lens based on the philosophy of the teacher education programs at St. Mike's. There are so many resources available that I feel to be of any use each set of resources needs to include only the best, most useful and relevant links. I also try to stay abreast of changes in the resources I use. For example, YouTube provides a facility now that you can link to just the video thereby avoiding the often inappropriate comments many people seem to enjoy posting.

The picture is of my son Andrew just after he scored a perfect 300 on the first generation Nintendo Wii system. Part of my ongoing research is how to incorporate the incredible opportunities offered by the Wii system into educational practices for students with special needs in schools. The picture is on my Wii Play Together web-page.

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