Saturday, October 9, 2010

"To Teach or Not To Teach?"that is .......

the question. We're into the second week of public classroom experiences in my sophomore class and it is so exciting watching the students come to terms with whether they think they want to teach or not. One student has already decided teaching is not for her and has dropped the course.

Everyone else has thrown themselves into the experience whole heartedly whether they end up continuing in the licensure program or not. Their first reactions to being on the "other side of the desk" make for great discussions. Some find it challenging at first while others seem to take to it immediately. For some, they have wanted to teach since they can't-remember-when while others are still exploring if it really is what they want to do. It's Columbus Day break this coming week so I won't see them until the week after when they will have lots more stories to share.

The Juniors in the math/science class are also enjoying their experiences teaching math in public school classrooms. Some of them are quite surprised by how math education has changed even in the short time since they were in elementary school. They seem to really appreciate the focus on developing the children's mathematical understanding.

I absolutely love steam trains and always visit one of the preservation railways in England every time I visit. This is one of the steam trains on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway that runs from Whitby where Bram Stoker wrote about Dracula. There are also some wonderful old videos on YouTube by John Betjeman, England's poet laureate and steam enthusiast in the 60s and 70s like this one, Branch Line.

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