Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Stone Unturned

After a summer of tree felling to clear a space, work has begun on the stone arch, the latest addition to the Teaching Gardens at St. Michael's College. 

The work of renowned stonemason Thea Alvin, the arch will form an integral part of the ever-expanding Teaching Gardens. Construction of the arch began on Monday September 1st with a seminar about stonemasonry given by Thea Alvin to a group of enthusiastic students and faculty. Participants were then given the opportunity to add a stone or two to the arch so that, in Thea's words, when they visited the campus in 50 years with the grandchildren they could point out the particular stones they had personally added to the arch when they were students at St. Mike's.    

Additional information about Thea's work can be found in this NY Times article , this 4-minute video from the Oprah Winfrey show, and this  You Tube video of a similar installation at Duke University.

To find out more about the Teaching Gardens or the stone arch installation  contact Valerie Bang-Jensen: or Mark Lubkowitz:


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