Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Education Minor at St. Mike's

For the very first time the Education Department at St. Mike's is offering an Education Minor. Designed for those who are interested in learning about education but not wishing to go all the way to get a major and teacher licensure the minor gives students several options of different paths of study. With the help of an adviser students can put together three elective courses to go with the two required courses. There are even choices of 2 out of 3 in the required courses.

There are so many careers where an Education Minor can make all the difference during the job interview. The minor is designed to fit easily with any other major so that a student can virtually double the job opportunities and prospects they mght otherwise have had.

There is also the possibility of  completing your education major and obtaining teacher licensure at a later date through graduate study if the decision is made at a later date to go into teaching. Many graduate students in the Graduate Education Program at St. Mike's have decided later in life that they want to pursue a career in teaching.

And finally, the Education Minor provides students with a safety net if they decide, as a junior or senior that the Education major they have chosen to pursue is not the one they want to complete. Since they are also completing a liberal arts major they can still graduate with their liberal arts major and a minor in education. All in all, it seems like a great addition to the Education Department at St. Mike's offerings.

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  1. The Education Minor or major both disciplines have their value and worth in employment and career market. If we choose English as our selective course we can have a good career in English Teaching and writing.

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