Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lincoln Portrait Penny Mosaic

Happy New Year everyone; time to start putting pen to paper again, metaphorically speaking, sine I haven't for some time.

So I have decided to complete the Lincoln penny mosaic that one of my students, Lydia, began the past summer. She is currently student teaching so has little time for things like this. The mosaic in 51 pennies wide and 61 pennies deep so it's just a cse of using coordinates to get the righ shade of penny in the right place; at least that is the plan. Each penny can be located by using a grid coordinate system, the fist number will be the column and the second will be the row. The key to success will be keeping things vertical and horizontal.

There will be 3111 pennies altogether and it looks like I will need an addition 2500 to finish what Lydia has started. Any penny donations will be gratefully accepted.

I was observing one of my student teachers in a kindergarten class this morning when one of the kindergartners said "I subitized" when asked ow she knew how many dots there were. This is the first time I've ever heard a child use this intriguing term.

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