Thursday, November 21, 2013

Math Apps for iPAD2s

Finding good APPs for the iPAD2s in your classrom can be a time consuming business, and expensive too if you pay for them. One way to reduce the amount of time and download them with a greater degree of certainty is to use a reveiw center like this one at Ed Shelf. It has a whole bunch of features that add to it's value such as being able to make "collections" of your favorite Apps which you can then post for other to share.

This strategy significantly increases the sense of trust one can have that the "likes" and recommendations are not being posted by those who might profit from increased sales. The site is also recommended by the IT folks at St. Mike's and one that they all use.

More and more schools are investing in iPAD2carts so that more students have access to this neat learning tool. There's a new Mac Lab

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