Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Richmond Round Church Bicentennial

This year will mark the 200th anniversary of the iconic Round Church in the village of Richmond where I live about 15 miles from St. Michael's College.

To be mathematically accurate, or linguistically correct, the church is not actually round but has 16 sides, so for all intents and purposes it is pretty round. I think each side of the church was constructed by one of the local families in the village at that time.

We kicked off the year of celebrations with a Scottish music concert on New years Eve, Hogmanay, and then have celebrated the musical heritage of the church with a concert each month featuring a different genre of music. We  have sold T-shirts and other mementos of the occasion including a beautiful Christmas tree ornament in the shape of the Round Church. The celebrations will climax the weekend of August 9,10 and 11th with more music, a farmer's market, an art exhibition  and visits, and probably speeches, by local and State politician.

The monthly concerts have been a wonderful way of bringing the community together to have a good time dancing and/or listening to some great music. Students from the local schools have been involved through class visits to the Round Church in which they write about their experiences, draw pictures of the church and imagine what it must have been like in 1813. It really is so neat to see so many teachers from local schools getting their students involved in the appreciation of their local heritage.

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