Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maths is Everywhere

One of the fundamental cornerstones of my teaching is to help my students see how math has real world applications in just about everything we can possibly experience. I am always surprised, and a little dismayed, when students list the main reasons for learning math as "balancing their checkbook", "doing taxes" or "making change". It would be like saying the only reason to learn to read would be to read instructions in manuals or read streetsigns. So to help my students come to this woderful realization I have them complete a Math eNotebook using some form of technology such as Powerpoint, Prezzie, or a blog. The students can choose any topic in which they have an interest and then gather 12 interesting  math-related things in their presentation.

This year my undergraduate students presented a wonderful diversity of topics. Here they all are;

Soccer and Math- Aris
Fibonacci Math- Emily
New York and Math- Helen
Music and Math - Jenn
Chocolate Cake and Math - Katherine
Maple Sugaring and Math - Kathryn
Monkeys and Math - Leanna
Pennies and Math - Lydia
Wedding Math - SaraJapan and Math - Zach

Here are all the archived math enotebooks .

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