Thursday, December 15, 2011

Professing by the Numbers

Perhaps I shouldn't have done this but I have just discovered that I have read at least 576 student papers this semester. The papers have ranged from one-page journal entries to 12 page philosophy of teaching assignments with just about every length in between represented.
I have also made around 75 visits to local area schools, requiring  600 miles and around 30 hours of driving, to observe my 4 student teachers and arrange field placements for the 38 students in my Schools and Society and Teaching Math and Science courses. My student teachers averaged about 40 hours a week in their classrooms while my sophomores and juniors spent 2 hours a week in public school classrooms. I have given  45 class sessions for a total of 225 hours, spent countless hours in meetings, and I love every minute of it all.

I have also presented papers at 2 conferences, one in Massachusetts (MDSC) and one in Rhode Island (ATMNE), and have read about 40 journal article  and 3 new books on educational theory. The emails I have read and written number around 5000. And yes, I have loved every minute of it except for driving on the Massachusetts turnpike and the spam emails. 

I "borrowed" the picture from my good friend Karyn Vogel's wonderful math blog. Karyn is a Graduate of the St. Mike's Graduate Education program and was a member of my graduate math ed. course several years ago. She is now a Math Coach for the Flynn and C.P. Smith elementary schools in Burlington, VT. Her blog is going to be required reading of my math ed. students next semester.

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