Thursday, September 1, 2011

1 To 3

I love playing in the Word Garden but I always feel guilty if I have to disturb someone else's stone sentence to make mine complete. Should I put it back the way it was? Their sentence will no longer make sense! It probably doesn't matter since the garden is a never ending constant work in progress.

I always think my job is a work in progress. each new semester seems to bring a change in something I do, say or realise during the first class.

Yesterday when I finally met the 21 students in my Schools and Society course I suddenly realised what an incredible experience it is to meet 21 new people all at the same time. A sea of new faces each as nervous as I am the first day of class. I always try to learn just the names on my class roster during the week leading up to class so I just have to put names to faces. I also take photos of each student which I put on eCollege so they can all get to know each other's names.

It's a neat experience being present for the first footsteps of people embarking upon a career in teaching. Their careers are all ahead of them and they are just beginning the path that will take them who knows where. One can teach in every corner of the world; one can teach anybody in the world, and one can teach about anything one likes. It really is the most open-ended profession one can think of.

One of the things we have been focusing on recently is the idea of preparing students for careers in Education in general and not just as teachers. In conjunction with the Career Development Office at St. Mike's we have set up a resource for Professional Educators.
This includes positions such as museum docent/educators, curriculum specialists, administrators, and education-related business opportunities.

Spend some time in the Word Garden; the stones themselves are so permanent but their positions so temporary.

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