Thursday, July 28, 2011

Science and Education

As prospective elementary school teachers, SMC students majoring in elementary education need to know how to teach science concepts and skills to young children. Saint Mike's is a great place to learn how to do this because there are so many resources available at the college and throughout Vermont. In addition to the science part of the Teaching Elementary Math and Science course students can take any number of courses through the science department at St. Mike's where there are many faculty familiar with the Vermont State licensure requirements for elementary teachers. One such faculty member is Professor Declan McCabe, who, in addition to being a great singer of Irish folk songs is also a key figure in the Vermont EPSCoR Streams Project. Through this project he has involved many SMC science and education majors in the process of collecting data through research projects into maintaining the health and stability of the stream and river systems in Vermont.

Another way Education majors can enhance their science knowledge is by taking the new Environmental Studies major. This is a wonderful new natural sciences, social sciences and humanities integrated major that provides the student with a wealth of knowledge and skills to share with young children. Since the State of Vermont licensure regulations require all Elementary Education majors to have a second major this new major provides students with a wonderful opportunity to further their interests in the sciences.

In addition, there is a new "half course" requirement in science education in the Education Department that provides students with the opportunity to experience one of the local science resource such as ECHO and the Shelburne Farms as well as work with students in science education on public school classrooms.

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