Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teaching, Sports,and Other Activities

Andrew, my son, and I watched the St.Mike's women's basketball playoff game against UMass-Lowell today. It was a first round playoff game and St. Mike's won 74-59. The men's team also won their first round play-off game on Saturday which marks a resurgence in the fortunes of both the men's and women's teams.

I have a particular interest in the women's team because I am the academic advisor to the team. I am rarely, if ever, called upon to do anything because they are all such great student athletes who all understand the importance of playing well on the court and working hard in the classroom.

Two of the students are also Education majors. Marylyn Ferreira, the demon guard, is in the last semester completing her Elementary Education degree while Alexa Long, a dominating forward, is a sophomore just beginning her journey in Education.

Many of the education majors at St. Mikes also play on other varsity sports teams including lacrosse, baseball, rugby, volleyball, field hockey and and ice hockey. I think this is absolutely wonderful because it adds to the skills and interests that our students bring to the classroom when they are working with young students in the elementary, middle or high school. It's not just in sports that our Education majors excel outside the classroom. I think if I were to take a poll of our education students I would find they are involved in just about every aspect of the life of the college in some way.

Becoming a teacher also means becoming an interesting person whether it's on the sports field, the stage, or volunteering for one of the many service projects on campus.

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