Thursday, January 6, 2011


One of the things about being human is our need to belong. There's virtually no end to the different clubs, societies, and organizations to which we can belong based on our interests, affiliations and professions. As teachers, there's a virtual plethora of different organizations and societies to which we can belong.

Starting at St. Mike's , pre-service teachers can join the Omega Delta chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honors Society in Education. Also while a student at St. Mike's, there are many on-campus organizations and groups you can join depending on what your interests are. As an Education Major you can also join the Educators club, a newly minted organization for Education majors. There are other professional organizations you can join too while still a student at St. Mike's. For example you can become a student member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Once you graduate and get your first job as a teacher there are many organizations you can join. Most teachers join a union of some sort such as the NEA. Membership in a union can provide you with insurance and other benefits. There are other organizations that have a more professional development focus such as NCTM, ASCD, NSTA, NCSS, NCTE, CEC and NERA to name a few. Each one of these professional organizations will have a local State affiliate such as VCTM . It's all a bit like alphabet soup really but these professional organizations put on fantastic national and regional conferences which are well worth attending and even presenting at. Membership also gives you a monthly journal as well as occasional books and additional journals depending on the level of membership you elect. I belong to NCTM and ASCD.

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