Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Celtic New Year

I've probably said this several times before in this blog but St. Mike's is such a remarkably support place. Whether you are a student, faculty member or staff member if you have an idea or project you want to put into practice there are so many people with high levels of expertise who can make things happen. For example putting on the Concert for St. Patrick each year involves over a dozen different people from a variety of different departments who bring their skills and expertise to the project so that it is a success.

Sadly, not all organizations I have been involved with have this same spirit of support, a fact which makes St. Mike's stand out even more. I live in the town of Richmond about 15 miles from St. Mike's and for the past four years my wife Lucie and I have planned, organized and implemented the Celtic New Year event. During that time it has grown to involve almost 30 different performing groups in 9 locations around the town. Over 1000 people attend the event every year and we have donated around $15,000 to local schools and organizations to promote youth Celtic music and dance (that's the Heather Morris Highland Dancers in the photo).

This year we went looking for help to put on the event but were met with a devastating lack of support; the complete opposite to my experiences at St. Mikes. Consequently we had to cancel the event this year. We do hope to somehow find support to reinstate the event in 2012. Happy New Year.

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